Etn.ia is a territorial project that has as mission to collect, safeguard and give a voice to the historical Irpinia’s artisan realities survived over time.


The Project

Etn.ia is a communication project created on the actors of the territory that have given a decisive imprint to the promotion and development of the internal areas of Irpinia and of Campania.


Etn.ia tells about local artists, artisans of ancient crafts in danger of extinction, people who, with exclusive characteristics, have become intangible heritage of the district areas of origin.

These stories are told through multimedia content (graphic material photos, videos and texts), a blog and with itinerant activities and events.


It is the narrative voice of those who decided to stay, contrasting the depopulation of the province of Avellino and the whole region, showing the value of roots and a sense of belonging, correlated in a local network operation.

Homeland and origins

A plow, pushed by a farmer, sinks its pointed spur into the ground, cutting into a dizzying furrow. In this deep path, he will plant a seed. Likewise, a community will plant in a land, the roots of its own cultural heritage of its people, giving rise to a solid sense of belonging.

From here on, it’s simply life.   

New roads, same steps

A step. Then another. Every man marks a path with his footprints, a thousand people define a path of a community. In this long journey, in a rapid passing of time, we have the awareness of the road from where we come, more important than where we go. Being so close to our homeland is a feeling, it is the adjective that determinates who I am.